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Why Breathable Mattresses are Ideal for LA’s Warm Climate

Due to its location in the country, much of California has a Mediterranean-like climate throughout the year. This includes Los Angeles, renowned for its weather characterized by mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. This makes the city and its surrounding area an ideal place to visit for many tourists and an optimal location to live in for millions of people. 

This climate in the Los Angeles metropolitan area has several impacts on the daily life of its residents. For starters, outdoor activities can be enjoyed throughout the year; hiking and beach visits are the norm. The sunny weather also influences the city’s economic activity, with various establishments offering products and services suited to the climate.

But despite the benefits of the warm weather, it also has disadvantages that affect millions in the area. One of which is uncomfortable nights due to high humidity, making it hard for many to sleep, especially those that don’t have an HVAC system. This is why investing in a firm mattress with high breathability becomes more critical for people looking to sleep more comfortably. 

Understanding LA’s Climate

Before learning how breathable mattresses help people in the area achieve optimal sleep, it is also vital to grasp the climate characteristics in LA. As stated, the city has a pretty humid climate throughout the year, with temperatures going as high as 29° Celsius and no lower than 17° Celsius during summer. It is never frigid in LA, even during the winter, when the city receives most of its yearly rainfall and temperatures go between 9° to 14° Celsius. 

This generally dry and warm climate in the City of Angels can cause troublesome nights for many people, making it harder to fall asleep every night. This can cause many individuals to lose time for sleep, making them unprepared for various activities throughout their days. It can also lead to them developing chronic sleeping disorders, which can have significant negative impacts in the long run. 

Temperature plays a huge role in how many people achieve the best sleep quality possible. And in cities like Los Angeles, where humidity is constantly increasing, learning how temperature impacts sleep can be a game changer for countless people. Apart from delayed rest, a warm temperature can also cause restlessness throughout the night, reduced REM sleep, and night sweats. 

Benefits of Investing in Permeable Mattresses

Purchasing mattresses that promote airflow and heat dissipation provides several advantages for LA residents. This includes: 

  • Effective Temperature Regulation - Breathable mattresses are often designed to promote optimal thermal regulations. This prevents excessive heat buildup throughout the night, allowing people to toss and turn without worrying about waking up in the middle of sleep because of a warm feeling. This can help dissipate heat and make sleeping more comfortable for anyone. 
  • Reduced Sweaty Nights – Warm temperature means the possibility of sweating during sleep, which can affect a body’s thermoregulation. This can result in sleepers waking up several times throughout the night drenched in sweat, significantly disrupting sleep cycles and diminishing one’s sleeping experience. Mattresses with high breathability can effectively let air flow throughout the body, leading to a more comfortable slumber.
  • Moisture Management – Constant sweating during sleep can lead to moisture being trapped in the mattress and bedsheets. This can lead to bacteria growth as it develops a conducive environment for mold and mildew. In addition, a damp bed can feel clammy to sleep on, which can decline one’s sleeping quality and cause them to wake up frequently in the middle of the night. Breathable mattresses are built to dispel moisture from the body to keep the bed dry, resulting in consistent and cozy sleep. 


As the world gets warmer over time, investing in sleeping solutions that can provide optimal sleeping experiences is becoming a must for many. And by purchasing a mattress with high breathability, countless individuals can improve their sleeping experience to help them freshen up for the day ahead. This can ensure that even LA’s generally warm weather won’t impede them from getting a restful sleep. 

If you are looking for the best conditioning mattress to help you have a more enjoyable sleeping experience, AiR by Nishikawa is for you. Our Air SI Mattress is designed with vertical and horizontal-crossed slits, promoting ventilation for any sleeper. It is also made with a polyurethane foam that dissipates moisture, enabling people to wake up fresh daily. 

If you are interested in our products, visit our hands-on store at 395 Santa Monica Pl, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Here, you can experience various AiR products and see what fits your needs best. We can help you measure the pressure balance applied to your body when sleeping and recommend the ideal Nishikawa air mattress for a comfortable sleep. We can also precisely measure the curve of your head and neck so you can have the perfect height-adjustable pillow for the best sleeping experience.

If you have further inquiries, please connect with us by visiting or calling (424) 278-0300.  

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