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Body pressure dispersion x Sleeping posture retention

The surface of the urethane material with excellent cushioning properties for [AiR] was designed to have bumpy structure so that the mattress fits smoothly to the lines of the body and disperses pressure loads. In addition, the base area firmly catches the body and maintains a natural sleeping posture.
Tossing and turning is made smooth, leading to comfortable sleep.

Body pressure dispersion with AiR SI Mattress in the supine position​

The comparison above shows the body pressure dispersion of a sleeper in the supine (back) position. The red areas on the image to the right show unnecessary strain on parts of the body due to uneven pressure dispersion on regular bedding. The image on the left shows how AiR's sleep technology distributes body pressure, leaving no area of the body in distress from uneven body pressure distribution.

Supported by points

When the surface is made with bumpy structure, gaps are secured between points. This is anticipated to not obstruct blood circulation on the contact surface, thus reducing stress on the body.

AiR Performance Mattresses that supports with points
Creates a gap in the pressure area