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Sleep Science Research

The Japan Research Laboratory of Sleep Science is developing the best bedding for each person while exploring the relationship between the human body and sleep.

To get a good night's sleep, it is important to choose pillows and mattresses that match your weight and body type. At our laboratory, we are developing functional bedding products that can more easily meet the need for performance conditioning, and we have our own equipment that can measure the sleeping posture and body pressure distribution measuring instrument that suits each person. We support the individual selection of pillows and mattresses.

The quality of sleep brought by Nishikawa’s AiR Performance Mattress was demonstrated in a joint research study conducted by Professor Fukubayashi, Tokyo Ariake University of Medicinal and Health Sciences and the Japan Research Laboratory of Sleep Science.

AiR Sleep Technology supports the sleeper’s body and allows for smoothness when rolling over during sleep thanks to a specially engineered design featuring a bumpy urethane structure that supports the body with multiple protuberances. Sleeping on an excessively soft or hard mattress can be stressful on the sleeper’s body, but AiR reduces stress to minimal levels and leads to a more relaxing, performance enhanced sleep.

The Comparison of Data of Turning Over

Muscle activity of the trunk of the body while turning over