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High-End Model with Advanced Sleep Technology

Experience the AiR 4DX Pillow

The AiR 4DX Pillow provides comfortable support that feels as if being held, wrapping around the head and supporting a smooth rollover with a moderate rebound. Nishikawa's AiR 4DX Pillow conditions with high specs, providing a precise fit no matter the sleeping position. Whether on your back or sideways, the advanced version of our AiR 4D Pillow suppresses internal pillow temperature and gives a truly refreshing feeling, integrating the highly breathable structure and the materials used within.

Hybrid 4-Layer Structure Provides Flexibility and Elasticity

Nishikawa's hybrid 4-layer design provides optimal pillow structure with flexibility and elasticity. You can experience sleep technology that combines advanced products and our proprietary cutting-edge design. Using a neck support shape that features two higher sides, your neck is supported gently, reducing the weight on your shoulders. Additionally, our higher-spec materials are featured in the AiR 4DX Pillow for suspension support and restful, cushioning sleep - all night long.

Nishikawa Hybrid Form

The surface layer is made of membrane free foam with high breathability and it disperses the head pressure and reduces stuffiness by structure of supporting with bumps.


Nishikawa Neck Support System

Our special AiR 4DX Pillow structure is based on Nishikawa's Neck Support System*, which comprises a middle concave pillow shape paired with sides that are higher. This keeps the head stable and fits perfectly around the neck, relieving the weight on the curved spine. The high cushioning allows for smooth transition when rolling over with a height that is suitable for sideways sleeping.

*Nishikawa's Neck Support System: In order to support the head and curved spine in a natural posture, we research and develop our pillow to ensure the best position. We seek a comfortable value and propose a mechanizm to select the correct pillow that suits each individual person.

AiR 4DX Pillow

AiR 4DX Pillow (Low)

Low (24 x 15x 4 inch)
Price: $550

Cover: 100% Polyester
Filling: Cover 100% Polyester
Top Chamber 50% Urethane Foam 42% Urethane Gel
Bottom Chamber: 8% Urethane Foam
Color: Black x Red