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Nishikawa's AiR 4D Pillow

Supports the Head Using Advanced Technology

Our AiR 4D Pillow keeps a comfortable sleeping environment by using a combination of materials that improve the breathability of the pillow and suppresses the temperature within the pillow. Our proprietary combination of urethane material and sleep technology provides a comfortable fit to enhance performance by adjusting the height more accurately depending on your body's shape and bedding.

Enhanced 4D Structure That Deepens Your Sleep

Inside the fabric, about 3/4 inch and 1/3 inch thick urethane sheets for height adjustment are installed, allowing for adjustment up to a height of 1 1/6 inch in the 3/4 inch unit. We divide the 3/4 inch urethane sheet into four parts, and it is possible to adjust the height separately on the neck, back, and both sides.

Hybrid Mesh Head Pressure Dispursion

Two different firmness levels of urethane bars are interwoven in a grid to provide topside head pressure dispursement and breathability - the Nishikawa hybrid mesh structure. Reduce the stuffy morning feeling with a reduced surface area in contact with your head.

Inner Gel Comfort While You Sleep

A gel sheet in the middle layer remains a stable temperature throughout the night, without touching the skin directly. It suppresses the rise in temperature and reduces the stuffy feeling within the pillow. The bottom layer is made of a new material, providing excellent cushioning properties and bringing a sense of stablity and support to your head all night long.

AiR 4D Pillow

AiR 4D Pillow (Low)

Low (25 x 15 x 4 inch)
Price: $350

Cover: 100% Polyester
Cover 100% Polyester
Top Chamber: 56% Urethane Foam 34% Urethane Gel
Bottom Chamber: 10% Urethane Foam
Color : Lavender