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AiR by nishikawa 3D Pillow Key visual

The Common Sense of Pillow Changes

From the head, a good night's sleep begins...the AiR 3D Pillow

The AiR 3D Pillow is a three-dimensional pillow that can maintain the form of sleep suits each person sleeping on it. With exceptional support for the head and cervical spine, our AiR 3D Pillow provides excellent head pressure dispersion, breathability, and cushioning properties, and supports good sleep.

Three-Dimensional Proprietary Structure That Deepens Sleep

Double Ventilated Design
Nishikawa's AiR 3D Pillow provides dual-ventilation, with many points on the pillow surface that provides high breathability and effective dispersion of head pressure. With the smaller points in the middle of the pillow, it gives you a good fit and keeps you in a stable position even while sleeping sideways providing a mounted position on both sides of your head. You will wake with fewer stuffiness thanks to the combination of holes in the middle and the membrane-less foam.

Maximum Neck Support
The original pillow design leads to a natural sleeping posture and is uniquely designed based on our proprietary Nishikawa Neck Support System*. The structure is concave in the middle, keeping your head stable and providing firm support. The high elasticity of our material realizes smooth turn-over, relieving the strain on a curved spine. Additionally, you can sleep sideways, even with the proper height and mounted side parts.

Inside the Pillow

Inside AiR 3D Pillow is about 3/4 inch and 1/3 inch thick urethane sheet with optional height adjustment installed. This allows for pillow adjustment of up to a height of 1 1/6 inch in the 1/3 inch unit. We divide the 3/4 inch urethane sheet into two parts, and it is possible to adjust the height separately on the neck and back.

*Neck support system

In order to support the head and curved spine in a natural posture, we research and develop pillows that gain the best position. We seek a comfortable value and propose a mechanism to select the correct pillow that suits each individual person.

AiR 3D Pillow Price

AiR 3D Pillow (Low)

Low (24 x 13 x 4 inch)
Price: $250

Cover: 100% Polyester
Filling: Cover 100% Polyester
Top Chamber 90% Urethane Foam
Bottom Chamber 10% Urethane Foam