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Due to the special structure of the mattress, it can firmly support the body with or without a bed frame.

AiR Performance Mattress laid on top of a mattress with good pressure dispersion or a mattress with soft fillings in the upper layer may be more prone to sagging. It is recommended to use AiR Performance Mattress together with a firm mattress that provides firm support from below.

Continued use of a urethane mattress in damp conditions is likely to lead to deterioration. Please Dry it in the shade and stand it in a well-ventilated area in your room and care for it to allow moisture to escape from the back of the mattress. The key is to "let it air dry".Avoid direct sunlight as it will deteriorate the urethane. In addition, keep a sheet on the mattress to prevent the mattress itself from getting dirty.

Urethane foam cannot be washed at home.

As for the structure of your mattress, the sleep technology design is ideal for maintaining sleep posture and distributing the pressure exerted by the body - lessening your burden.

We recommend choosing a firmness based on your body type and preferance.

Urethane foam may crack or lose some of its filling due to strong tension or friction with its cover. Please handle with extra care when inserting or removing the inner material from its cover. Cracks or partial damage will not cause any problem in use.

Please check our product detail page for more details on the weight of the product. (coming soon)

Unfortunately, Nishikawa is not accepting customized order requests at this time.

The lifespan of the mattress depends on the environment it is used in. A lot depends on user weight, body shape, persperation, sleep time, UV rays, and room temperature/humidity. The amount of maintenance you perform on your mattress will also factor into the lifespan of your mattress.

In short, the areas that are frequently subjected to weight, such as the lumbar region, are prone to hardness loss and dents. If these occur, the natural sleeping posture and pressure distribution effect on the body will not be fully demonstrated. The body may become burdened. If you feel discomfort when you sleep, it is a good indicator that it is time to replace your mattress.

If you are concerned about stains on your AiR Performance Mattresses, you can remove the cover and wash the cover only. Please handle it in accordance with the washing instructions attached to the cover. Please be careful not to tear the urethane foam when removing the cover or putting it back on. You cannot use a dryer.

The inner core (urethane foam) cannot be washed at home. Please understand this in advance.

Urethane foam absorbs moisture, which can affect the firmness, comfort, and durability of your mattress. After use, ensure that the mattress is well ventilated and in an upright position.
Also, if you use the mattress on a softer surface or one with a dented lumbar area, it may dent the areas where your body weight is focused. It is important to select a mattress firmness that is appropriate for your body type to reduce the likelihood of this occuring.